Futher Links and Offerings for Refugees
Guide for Refugees of the ARD.
The Welcome App Concept is a free and multilanguage app for Windows Phone and Android (iPhone planned), which aimes to improve the integration of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Germany.
Welcome to Germany! This guide aims to provide information about the country you now find yourself in.
The first job exchange for refugees and employers, who want to give them a chance.
Why can't refugees just live in a shared flat instead of mass housings? That's what we asked ourselves and found a way to make it possible.
The "Deutsche Anwaltshotline" offers free consultation by phone.


Hints for Supporters:

You can support us by

  • liking and recommending us on FacebookTwitter or old fashioned by just telling everybody else...
  • print stickers and stick them where many people see them  ;)
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  • Help translating the website.


Get in your city!

The following tasks are awaiting (best accomplished by two or three people):

  1. Create logins for refugees (connect with housings / social workers / institutions etc.)
  2. Check new offerings regularly and respond to questions concerning your city/region
  3. PR

If you are interested please email to


further links: